Come join us for the LIFF 2018 Opening Night Festivities:

Walk the Red Carpet with attending Directors and Filmmakers, enjoy "The Holy Fail" with Q&A Session following the Film with Writer/Director/Actor Owen Dara and Producer/Actress Jessica Lancaster.

Join us at the after-party for a fun evening of networking, food, drinks and music at the Tropicana Trellis Bar. 



International Narrative Feature Film

'The Holy Fail ' is an Irish comedy about 4 friends who rob a safe in an attempt to save a marriage. All is going great until they get caught by the nuns.

Genre: Comedy  /  Runtime: 1 hour 26 minutes

Director: Owen Dara                                                                                            

Writer: Owen Dara
Cast: Owen Dara, Jessica Lancaster, Kevin McCormack, Judy Donovan, Frank Prendergast, Stephan Wyley
Producers: Owen Dara, Jessica Lancaster, Richard Warren Baker                       Music By: Owen Dara

Opening Night After-Party Tropicana Trellis Bar